Company Structure

INYB is annually funded by the Arts Council of Ireland to support the achievement of our aim to provide exceptional experience for the young members. In addition we earn revenue from membership and performances. We aim to enhance the training our members get from their ballet teachers in a performance based company which delivers two full performance seasons annually in addition to partnerships and collaborations.

INYB achieved charitable status in 2013 (Charity No.19198) and is fully compliant with all aspects of corporate governance.

Our most recent annual accounts can be found here.

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The Board of Directors

The board of directors is a non executive board. The directors encompass a wide range of skills in the arts, marketing and business which they bring to the operation of the company

Directors are appointed to serve an initial 2 year term which is renewable.

The board meets 3 times per year and their primary function is to ensure the good governance of the company and to support the artistic director in achieving the company's mission.

John Bourke - Chairman

John P Bourke qualified originally as a Barrister and a Chartered Accountant. He spent most of his career in the financial sector. He has been a Director & Chief Financial Officer of Bank of Ireland, Chairman and Chief Executive of TSB Commercial Holdings plc in London, now part of Lloyds Banking Group, and Chairman of Irish Life & Permanent. He is largely retired with a small number of non-executive business and charitable interests.

Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson has marketing consultancies and integrated marketing agencies in Dublin. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, he has developed campaigns for many of the country's best known brands which have gone on to win local and international awards.

Oliver Sears

Oliver Sears is the director of his eponymous gallery on Molesworth St. He has been involved in contemporary fine art in Ireland for over twenty years and represents some of the seminal artists working in Ireland today including Hughie O'Donoghue, Joseph Walsh, Donald Teskey and Colin Davidson

Brendan Neilan

Brendan was Casting Director RTE TV and is currently a Board member at The College of Dance, Member of Music Community of the RDS, was a Board member of the National Ballet. He was also a founder member of the Arts Association of Ireland, Secretary of the Irish Film Society.